Buying land or property on the Bozburun Peninsula

Many visitors who stay on the Bozburun Peninsula like to dream about having a place or land in the sun. Whilst this is achievable in other Turkish areas, the latest change in Turkish law means that no foreigner can now legally own land or property anywhere on the peninsula, either as an individual or as a director of a Turkish company. Only Turkish citizens can buy. Please be aware that many foreigners have already lost their life savings trying to do this – do not lose yours as well.

Also the Governmet is demolishing many illegal houses built on the peninsula and charging the ‘owners’ for this. Do not let your dream turn into a nightmare. These restrictions do not apply to areas that have a ‘village plan’, ie Marmaris, Akyaka, Bodrum etc.

Buying Land on the Peninsula
Buying Land on the Peninsula

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